Schloss Nymphenburg and the Summer Rain

First stop of my Germany Tour 2015 is the beautiful Bavarian castle Schloss Nymphenburg in the city of Munich. The concert venue is in a wing of the castle overlooking the gardens and affords a splendid view of a good part of this incredible building through very majestic windows. My favorite moment of this concert was the rain. When the show started the windows were opened and one could hear the wind in the tall poplar trees. As the concert continued, a Summer storm started to roll in, which made for an absolutely magical mood. 

Last on the program was Robert Schumann's Carnaval, a pianistic show piece. In the middle of performing the piece I could suddenly hear the gentle sound of a summer rain 'accompanying' my playing. What an incredibly romantic scenario in such a historic environment - loved it! I am sure the audience enjoyed it, and I am convinced the composer Robert Schumann might have loved it, too.  

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