The Children of the Refugees are my HEROES

Thousands and thousands of refugees are on the move. Many of them are headed to Germany. Looking at the daily news featuring photos and film footage, I can't help but feel a sense of inspiration and awe. The children are my absolute heroes. Sleeping under the open sky next to perfect strangers in a foreign country, they are the ones who smile and who make the best of it. Uprooted from everything they have ever known, they will have to make a new future of what seems very daunting. Learning new languages, new cultures, eating different food, and playing are just a few things that lie ahead.

As I am preparing my fall season performances, I don't seem to be able to forget those images. That is why I decided to record a little video tribute to reach out to the refugees. If this message reaches even one child on the smartphone of a friend, I would feel incredibly honored.