After South Africa

What an amazing concert tour! After 34 hours of travel time we just arrived safely back on terra firma in the United States.  Our home bound journey took us from Johannesburg, South Africa, via Senegal all the way to Washington and finally to Ohio. The Crumb Kaleidoscope came to life many thousands of miles away from Germany, where it was first broadcast. If you haven't heard about this project yet, please check it out!

It is amazing how easily musicians communicate when it comes to music making. The whole tour was a rush of playing and listening to the sounds around the compositions of George Crumb. The days were filled with rehearsals, practice, thinking about music and of course food. Looking back on the whole experience, I am very impressed by the sincere and tireless dedication of the musicians we got to work with. Strenuous hours of intensive rehearsals became an exhilarating thrill. We were able to put together a delicately-balanced and through-composed ninety minute concept show in three days of rehearsal. The audience absolutely loved it!

We were asked many times if we would consider coming back to South Africa to present the Crumb Kaleidoscope in different venues and for repeat performances. Since our ensemble collaborated so well internally, I get the feeling it might not be too long until we get to say, "South Africa, here we come again!"

Enjoy some photo impressions of our whirlwind South Africa tour with Crumb Kaleidoscope!