Studio recording vs. live performance

Listening to my own studio recording is difficult for me. As I am preparing to release my next solo CD, I am in the middle of it all again. It is worse than listening to a live recording on the radio because a studio recording usually is the result of painstaking editing hours and many decisions. So it is 'as good as it gets'. And the worst part is, that you have to listen many times to your recording to make sure that you release only, what is absolutely the way you want it to be. And still a recording is only the capturing of a live performance. So what is this 'live studio' performance? What does it really look like? There is no stage, no audience, actually nobody in the studio. There a microphones, cables, and other recording tools. Not entirely inspiring...but then there is the piano! And even better: there are the notes, the pieces. Even though this sounds like an intimidating situation, it may well be the most clear and perfect one. It can be the opportunity to perform exactly how one would like to. It can be the most uninhibited and free, the most intimate and inspiring situation. And best of all: there is a chance to correct, what might have gone wrong! What a unique set-up. If only life had this sort of redo button!