Crumb Kaleidoscope

Imagine a piano duo playing the music of George Crumb, becoming fascinated by his melodies, and hearing in them melodies by other composers and other cultures. They play these melodies too, a flute hints plaintively at the connections, and the whole is accompanied gently by percussion.

The "Crumb Kaleidoscope" music production was conceptualized by German/US pianist Caroline Oltmanns and James Wilding, South African-born pianist and composer. They have extracted three motives from the music of George Crumb and used it to build a six-part concert program featuring works that are on the one hand connected, but on the other hand could barely be more contrasting. The spectrum ranges from a Bach chorale to the music of Casablanca, from Crumb's ethereal sounds to traditional Chinese music. The production was commissioned by the Bavarian Rundfunk Nürnberg, and broadcast in Germany in 2014. 

Pianists Caroline Oltmanns and James Wilding will be joined by Dieter Weberpals playing the dizi (a Chinese bamboo flute), and well-known South African percussionists, Frank Mallows and Magda de Vries, will command a battery of percussion instruments. In addition to the various composers that are featured, it should be a visually exciting performance as well.


George Crumb — From Makrokosmos: "Ghost-Nocturne: for the Druids of Stonehenge", "Morning Music", "Twin Suns", "Beta Cygni", "Dream Images", "The Advent"

Herman Hupfeld — Play it Once, Sam, for Old Time's Sake & As Time Goes By

JS Bach — Jesu bleibet meine Freude

Frédéric Chopin — Fantaisie-Impromptu, Op. 66

Wang Luobin — Zai na yaoyuan de difang

Gabriel Fauré — Berceuse, Op. 56 No. 1

Friedrich Gulda — Übungsstück No. 9

Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance in g-minor

Erik Satie — Je Te Veux

James Wilding — The Timelessness of Time, Passage, A Call from Afar, Bronze Dragons, The Space Between Love and Death, Moon Setting, Play it Again, Sam